eztvonline is your creative partner. award winning storytellers, we create visually compelling videos that enable viewers to experience your brand

we all love a great story

whether they are sad, funny, intriguing, inspiring, insightful or provocative, good stories make us “feel”. shared feelings connect us. we tell compelling stories that connect with the viewer.

impactful content that connects with the viewer

one of the most effective ways to create awareness and generate sales for your company is through branded content. web series, “how-to” videos and influencer video are just some examples of the highly engaging content that we produce to showcase your brand.

what makes you unique? why should you be the first choice for your client/customer? what is it like to experience your event or venue? our visually compelling approach to layered storytelling creates an almost tangible experience that answers these questions.

explainer video

whether they are live action, animated or a combination of both, explainer videos are the best way to get across what you do and how you do it. our entertaining and succinct videos are as unique as you are. not only do we capture your brand voice but also your company vibe.

social media

social media can be confusing and overwhelming. don't worry we have you covered.

we have our own social media channels including , youtube-hoverYouTube, instagram-hoverInstagram and . this enables us to stay on top of current trends and practices. we can also share your content on our channels to further amplify your brand.

we deliver your story on time and on budget

our services include:

    • script writing
    • location scouting
    • set creation
    • storyboarding
    • editing including motion graphics
    • professional photography - head shots, product shots, location shots
    • on screen coaching
    • casting talent
    • influencer outreach
    • award winning camera crew
    • post sound - including music, sound effects and voice over